I just wanted to send a note thanking Heather Robinson at Southlake Counseling for her time and dedication she spent with me during a very difficult time in my life. Heather made it very easy for me to feel comfortable from the start and only got better as time went on. She set goals every time I had an appointment and made sure that I completed every one of them. I feel like a new person ready to tackle what ever the world throws at me. Most importantly, I feel better knowing I have someone to talk to at Southlake Counseling if times ever get tough again.

– Male, age 41

I came to Heather in a deep depression, which had been triggered by a crisis in my 20-year marriage. I was instantly at ease; finding a true, listening ear inside a therapist, who can see straight to the root of a problem, which I can only vaguely describe to her. Heather is giving me practical advice to address my immediate problems with authentic communication with my spouse. At the same time, I am beginning a journey with her to address my depression and heal myself. She is becoming a life coach to me.

– Female

Rebuilding my relationship with my teenage daughter through Heather's assistance has been an awesome experience

– Female, age 57

Heather has helped my mother and I get closer together. I can actually talk to her now about everything and I tell her I love her. Heather also helped me to keep my head held high and to love myself.

– Female, age 15

Heather Robinson came with a great recommendation to me by my family physician. I was looking for a trustworthy counselor to help me during a very difficult personal time. After meeting with Heather, I felt confident that with her level of expertise and experience she would be able to give wise counsel regarding my situation. I also scheduled a separate appointment for my adolescent son. My son had been struggling through a very difficult family relationship. We both began seeing Heather separately and working towards our personal goals. Heather is a sincere listener who is very goal oriented. She was quick to identify obstacles and encourage and challenge unhealthy patterns. She was very affirming to my son, yet sensitive and mindful to keep him moving for forward. I would highly recommend Heather Robinson for her professionalism not only in her sessions, but overall as a counselor. Her office is conveniently located and very well run. Today, we look back with much appreciation to Heather, she was key to helping us move past some very difficult times with dignity. I count her as a blessing in our lives!

– Female, age 50

Ms. Heather, the counselor, is very nice. Ms. Heather helps me get through some tuff difficulties I have. She also suggests some things for really neat prizes I can earn.

– Female, age 12.5

Ms. Heather has a fresh, unique, youthful approach to helping pre-teens. My granddaughter wasn't making progress until shed started seeing Ms. Heather. I am seeing progress slowly, but significant since she has been seeing Ms. Heather.

– Grandmother

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